Using A Stun Gun As A Self Defense Security Measure

All You Need To Know About Using A Stun Gun As A Self Defense Security Measure

In today’s aggressive society, it is important to take care of one’s personal safety. Personal security is of great importance and there are various measures available to help with self defense; this ranges from lessons in martial arts to handheld technological devices. The best way to ensure self defense is through preparation for the worst situation possible. While many people do not care to think of these scenarios, it is necessary to acknowledge the danger in contemporary society. This article will provide information on the stun gun and how it can be used as an effective self protection mechanism.

Options for a stun gun security measure

What Exactly Is This Self Defense Device?

A stun gun is a small security device that is easy to hold and simple to use. The item is small enough to fit into the palm of one’s hand, but can produce large electric shocks to the aggressor. The two small electrodes protruding from the surface of the stun gun is strong enough to cause serious pain to an attacker. The reason this device is used by many females is that it is a non-lethal and cannot do injury to the user.

How Does A Stun Gun Operate?

A stun gun will utilize the electrodes to send a small charge of electricity through an individual’s body. The device will instantly immobilize the individual for a period of three to five seconds, dependent entirely on the amperage. This will immediately deplete the aggressor’s muscle energy and interrupt the neurological impulses the control muscle movement. The symptoms shown when electrocuted with a stun gun include loss of balance, dizziness, confusion, and an inability to move one’s muscles. This condition can last between five to ten minutes, once again dependent on the amperage of the device.

Stun Gun Options

When Is A Stun Gun Effective?

A stun gun is most effective when the aggressor is touched above the waist or on the shoulder area. It is electrocution on these areas that will affect the entire body and muscle system. If just one arm or leg is touched there is a chance that the individual will not be stunned completely and may still attack; however, this is not a common occurrence and most attackers are stunned immediately.

In addition to preventing an attack, the stun gun can act as a crime deterrent. It is possible to scare individuals away by discharging the stun gun in mid air; this sends out a loud crackling sound along with small visible charges of electricity.

When using a stun gun there are various considerations that should be taken into account. Firstly, the stun gun can be more effective when meeting with bare skin; however, the effect will depend on the amperage. If the amperage is too low to create a travelling circuit there is little chance of attackers being shocked, particularly through clothing. It is important to check the battery power as the most effective stunning is done with a fully charged battery.

Final Words On The Matter

As can be seen, a stun gun can be a beneficial self defense measure; however, there are different points to take into account for successful use.

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